OK, I know that sound doesn’t travel in the vacuum of space, but that doesn’t keep the science fiction shows from being filled with “space noises.”  And, in fact, many NASA missions have plenty of sounds associated with them.  NASA’s site (http://www.nasa.gov/connect/sounds/) has a wonderful collection of sounds associated with many missions.  These can be used for everything from ring tones on your cell phone to sound effects in various “missions” of your own you might create.  For example, I plan on using some of these in some of the missions we are creating for our Educational Holodeck (see http://www.tcse-k12.org for details)

I usually associate NASA’s site with the amazing images they have available for download – images that stretch to the edge of space and time.  And, to be sure, images are not only beautiful representations of scientific information, they can function as motivators to get young people interested in STEM subjects.  I think it is possible that when these images are coupled with relevant sounds, the impact can be magnified.

In any case, enjoy the sounds – and if I call your cell, I hope you set my ring tone to the Sputnik beep!