The last time we were in London, we walked by the Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park where anyone could share ideas with anyone else willing to stand by and listen.  This rich tradition has parallels in other cities around the world.  But today, the most powerful “speaker’s corners” are in the form of blogs like this one – or one you create yourself.  Yes, you might not start out with a lot of folks paying attention, but your audience can grow and become global in scope.

In my view, this power carries with it the responsibility to present ideas that, while possibly controversial, are well-thought-out.  In the absence of clear expression and some measure of “back-up” to the ideas being expressed, blogs can turn into partisan rants that only appeal to those who already share the beliefs of the blogger.  I think the real power of blogs comes when we can appeal to those who may have one set of ideas, but who are willing to listen to another point of view.  Well-done blogs perform this task quite nicely.  If you have to scream to be heard, maybe there is a problem with your message.

I’ve used this forum to express some strong beliefs, and those who follow this stream of commentaries let me know their own positions on the topics we explore.  This give and take keeps all our minds active.

There is no cost associated with blog creation other than the cost of formulating and expressing ideas with clarity.