During one of the setups for one of the speeches I gave yesterday, I noticed a new box sitting on the table – a HDMI interface for the projectors used in the room. My laptop uses analog video, which was also supported, but the message was clear.  Analog video is dead.  The move to flat screen monitors was accompanied by the inclusion of HDMI video inputs along withe the traditional analog connections, and I expect dual mode monitors and projectors to be around for a (very) few years.

The reason for the shift is easy to understand.  With 1080 lines of vertical resolution becoming commonplace, and people getting less willing to accept the color bleeds and artifacts associated with analog video, HMDI connectors are sprouting like summer dandelions.  Android tablets come with HDMI connectors – not analog outputs.  I saw a new laptop last night that only has HDMI output.  Apple gets credit for balancing both in their computers, but the long-term trend is clear.  Once you have shifted to pure digital video, you never want to go back.

It is interesting that the revolution sparked by the rise of personal digital computers still held on to one vestige of the past for so long.  That day is nearly over.

Good bye analog, it was nice to know you.  And hello digital video – your time is at hand.