My five-year-old granddaughter, Bianca, doesn’t walk. Fortunately this is not because of any medical problem, but because she is such a joyous person. She runs; she skips; she hops; she dances – but walking is a method of locomotion pretty foreign to her.

And, she is not alone. Her classmates have the same symptoms – they are full of energy and enthusiasm and joy. I’m sure there was a time when I behaved the same way, but I don’t remember it. One of my goals is to be sure she always finds the kind of joy in her life that spills out through the locomotive methods she has today.

My office is in her school, so I get to see her almost every day. If I drop by her class, I am reluctant to walk in. She might say, “Not now, grandpa, I’m busy!” And busy she is. She is busy learning in a supportive environment that honors the integrity and mystery of childhood.

How wonderful it would be of this was the norm for students worldwide! Do you still have some skip in your step? If not, how might you rekindle the joy seen in the faces of young students?