Today marks the start of a new era – the development of commercial space flight going as far as the International Space Station (ISS).

SpaceX Dragon approaches ISS

While this video clip shows the SpaceX Dragon from about a mile out, the docking went smoothly and history was made.  As we continue to think about the skills that young people need to develop, the world of space exploration is as alive as ever, even as NASA has slowed down its own construction of spacecraft.

It is worth thinking about what it took to make this all happen.  In terms of educational domains, creativity, engineering, science, math and technology all rank highly.  We can count ourselves lucky that the talent needed to do this incredible task was available.  What is of concern is what the future holds.  Nothing involved with the design, launch, and success of this complex mission fits within the domain of our test-driven mind-set still dominant in US education.

We’ve entered a new era.  Will education for all change as well?